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Water Kefir or Fruit Kefir or Tibicos is normally brewed with a mixture of water, white sugar and a few dried fruits for minerals (I found the white sugar and the dry fruits step far too bothering, worst step with fugues that drop their little seeds everywhere inside the scoby). I had partial failure with organic red grape juice and apple juice (kombucha got no problems with them and I suspect water kefir to be very sensitive to low levels residual pesticides like copper sulfate that are accepted for organic cultures otherwise the loss to fungus are too high! Luckily fungus resistant grapes start to come into the market) where the result drink is excellent but the grains do not multiply. On the other side with bananas infusion and carrot juice the water kefir multiply extremely quickly and tend to saturate the jar at their own expense, it looks like they dissolve into their own acids as soon as some threshold is reached, could be less than 24 hours, and to top the whole experience the final drink are not so great! Untactful for the banana infusion and too acid for the fermented carrot juice, probably because I started with pasteurized already acid carrot juice, so the next experimental step is obvious .

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